Home Assembly Network & Discipleship

Welcome to the Home Groups (HG) information page with all that you need to know about PLCF fellowship extensions and discipleship tracks.

Our vision of HG is best understood through using the letters for HAND in connection to this key verse: [1Peter 5:6 NKJV] “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,”

Home Assembly Network & Discipleship (HAND)

Our mission through HAND is to reach more people with the message of the Kingdom through geographical locations that are hubs for bearing a consistent and loving message and a clear path to discipleship at every learning level and pace. With the collective reading and teaching and discussion of the weekly Torah portions we believe HAND will fulfill the work of the early disciples of Christ: [Acts 15:21 NKJV] “For Moses has had throughout many generations those who preach him in every city, being read in the synagogues every Sabbath.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do the HG meet?

It all depends on the HG. Each group will determine what are the best times to meet but it will be sometime between sundown Friday night and sundown Saturday night each week.

Do the HG follow state guidelines for COVID-19 gatherings?

Yes. Each HG will be responsible for establishing their own protocols for mask wearing, whether they meet inside or outside, or how they will accomplish social distancing.

Will there be children’s care provided?

Each HG will have its own rules and provide what they can for children. No formal childcare will be provided. You will be responsible for making sure that your children are respectful of the HG environment and the “house rules” of the HG leaders.

Will refreshments be provided or dish to pass meals offered?

The individual HG will determine whether there are refreshments or dish to pass meals. Obviously as the COVID-19 restrictions loosen there will be more opportunities for this type of fellowship.

What should I expect at one of the HG?

Each HG will have a different style and order of operation but you should expect each HG to conduct a “watch party” of the weekly Torah teaching from PLCF that you will watch together. There will be discussion from the teaching and also possibly from the Torah portion that week. You should expect plenty of fellowship time, a time for prayer together and a time for giving tithes and offerings.

How long does the HG last?

Each HG will determine how long the group meets. Please respect the HG leaders boundaries as far as time limits if they are established.

How can I start a HAND group in my home or area?

You may fill out a contact form for a way to start the process. We ask that you review our statement of belief first in order to familiarize yourself with our doctrinal stances. HG leaders will have to agree and be in one accord with our doctrinal stances in order to limit confusion.

Do I have to live in the United States or the state of NY to start a HAND group?

No. That is the beauty of the HAND of God model. It is not meant to be stuck in one place but like seed it needs to be scattered in order to produce more fruit. There may be language barriers but we will strive to accommodate you wherever you may be. We are excited to spread all over the world with a clear and biblically based message.

HAND Groups Locations and Times

Red Creek, NY

Wolcott, NY

Ontario, NY